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Why Red Leader?

Red Leader is a multi-reference name. I’ve lead red teams at work, where we look at things from other points of view. I’m a fan of Star Wars, and Red Leader is legendary (there have been several, including Obi-Wan Kenobi). Also Red Leader implies a level of radicalism. That said, I’m apolitical from choice and by profession, so I’m not suggesting anything political by the choice of red.

I’ve been leading people for almost three decades, and throughout that time I’ve tried to be as good at it as I could be. I’ve always tried to focus on the people that I am leading, and how to effect change in new and interesting ways that will improve things rather than just stir things up. I’ve realised that people don’t want to change for change’s sake. People need looked after if you want them to perform, and you need to care about them for real. Leadership isn’t something that you can fake, but you can most definitely learn it.

Good leaders aren’t born, they’re made.

My mission in writing Red Leader is to help others learn from my experience. It also helps me to learn as I reflect on what I have done, what appeared to work and why. With luck I’m a better leader now than I’ve ever been.


The Stonehenge pic is one I took myself. It sums up the philosophy that all good leaders should have of wanting to build something that will outlast them.

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If you have experiences that you would like to share then I would be happy for you to guest post on Red Leader. New perspectives and points of view are always welcome. Comments and discussion are also good.

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If you want to get in touch then I can be found on twitter as @red_leader_co  or you can try email james at this domain name, i.e. redleader.co

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