Discovery Workshop on Leadership #DWL19

On Friday I attended the OneTeamGov Discovery workshop on Leadership. The workshop was inspired by the Twitter discussion following the results of applications to the Future Leaders Scheme (FLS) last November. Leadership for What? This was the big question of Continue reading Discovery Workshop on Leadership #DWL19

Startegy – or just getting stuff done?

That’s not a typo, I meant Startegy. That is my normal typo when I type strategy, but inspired by Neil Gaiman’s typo of Caroline. I thought it summed up an approach to things that just got on with doing stuff Continue reading Startegy – or just getting stuff done?

Major Projects Need Leaders not Managers

I was at the Major Projects Association AGM and annual dinner on Monday evening. It was an interesting event and I met several people that gave me different perspectives on running major projects successfully. There was a bit of a Continue reading Major Projects Need Leaders not Managers

My Expectations of Leaders

view from the window at Civil Service Live 2016

Last week I ran an induction/introduction session for my new senior leadership team where I set out my expectations from them as leaders. I made some notes on the train up to the meeting, partly as a rehearsal and partly Continue reading My Expectations of Leaders

Inquiry as a Tool for Leaders

Inquiry should form the basis for leadership decision-making and action, because without productive inquiry you cannot be certain what needs to be done. ¬†Here’s a bit I wrote for an assignment while studying Leadership, Influencing and Change¬†with the Open University. Continue reading Inquiry as a Tool for Leaders