Performance Objectives – Public Sector

Performance Objectives – Public Sector Slack et al. identify five generic performance objectives: quality speed dependability flexibility cost These generic performance objectives are explained below. There are public sector examples to help illustrate them. Quality Quality is about consistent performance. Continue reading Performance Objectives – Public Sector

Digital Transformation in Government

The purpose of government is to serve its citizens, it should do that as efficiently and effectively as possible. The extent to which any specific government serves its people should depend very much on the needs and wishes of those Continue reading Digital Transformation in Government

Nineteen Years in Public Service

Nineteen years ago I started work, at Her Majesty‘s pleasure according to my job offer letter, as an Executive Officer with the Department of the Environment. I was a graduate entrant on the DOE’s Management Development Programme and was paid Continue reading Nineteen Years in Public Service

Some thoughts on Public vs Private Pay Comparisons News articles like this are very misleading. One might well report that police officers earn more than McDonalds employees, which is largely what it says. Neither public nor private sector are homogeneous, and there are few jobs that are Continue reading Some thoughts on Public vs Private Pay Comparisons