Five Steps to Great Requirements

Requirements are the key to getting a good solution, whether in procurement or just choosing between options. Most people get their requirements wrong, largely because they haven’t drawn this connection. Common Mistakes with Requirements This list isn’t exhaustive, I’m sure Continue reading Five Steps to Great Requirements

Performance Objectives – Public Sector

Performance Objectives – Public Sector Slack et al. identify five generic performance objectives: quality speed dependability flexibility cost These generic performance objectives are explained below. There are public sector examples to help illustrate them. Quality Quality is about consistent performance. Continue reading Performance Objectives – Public Sector

Innovation – what exactly is innovation?

Innovation, like strategy, is constantly talked about yet greatly misunderstood. Government and business alike talk of innovation as driving¬†economic growth. Innovation is a¬†Holy Grail. So what is it? What is Innovation? I think that the best definition is ‘an idea Continue reading Innovation – what exactly is innovation?

It’s the Economy Stupid

It never ceases to amaze me how bad a grasp politicians have on how national economies work.  I think it is deliberate rather than ignorance. Or rather they think that we are too stupid to understand how a national economy Continue reading It’s the Economy Stupid

B203 Information Management

I spent Friday immersed in information management, courtesy of the last (of six) assignments for the Open University course B203 (Business Functions in Context). Up until I started this module every time someone mentioned the term ‘Information Manager’ I internally Continue reading B203 Information Management