APOSTLE – Analysing Context

APOSTLE As well as user needs, the public sector change needs to consider the impacts on several aspects. This ensures that the case for change is suitable, acceptable and feasible. It’s too easy to get sucked into the technology and Continue reading APOSTLE – Analysing Context

Negotiation 101 – Understanding Brexit Negotiations

Negotiation 101 isn’t a direct comment on the Brexit negotiations, but I’ve written it this week as a bit of background for all those commenting on the Brexit negotiations that don’t seem to have any clue whatsoever about how one Continue reading Negotiation 101 – Understanding Brexit Negotiations

Article 50 – How do we Brexit?

After the referendum there’s been a lot of speculation on how we invoke Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon. Article 50 (see below) is the provision for a member state to leave the EU.  Article 50 Here is Article 50 Continue reading Article 50 – How do we Brexit?

Five Steps to Great Requirements

Requirements are the key to getting a good solution, whether in procurement or just choosing between options. Most people get their requirements wrong, largely because they haven’t drawn this connection. Common Mistakes with Requirements This list isn’t exhaustive, I’m sure Continue reading Five Steps to Great Requirements

Performance Objectives – Public Sector

Performance Objectives – Public Sector Slack et al. identify five generic performance objectives: quality speed dependability flexibility cost These generic performance objectives are explained below. There are public sector examples to help illustrate them. Quality Quality is about consistent performance. Continue reading Performance Objectives – Public Sector