Five Steps to Great Requirements

Requirements are the key to getting a good solution, whether in procurement or just choosing between options. Most people get their requirements wrong, largely because they haven’t drawn this connection. Common Mistakes with Requirements This list isn’t exhaustive, I’m sure Continue reading Five Steps to Great Requirements

Strategy Study Notes

I am currently (Aug 2011) studying module B301 “Making Sense of Strategy” with the Open University. This is a final year (third year, level 3) undergraduate module which forms a core part of their BA in Business Studies. I have an exam in Continue reading Strategy Study Notes


For some people collaboration is a dirty word, with connotations from those who collaborated with the nazis in WW2. Not for me though, I think that it makes for a generally better outcome than trying to do everything oneself. However Continue reading Collaboration

Making Sense of Strategy (Open University B301)

OU logo for Making Sense of Strategy blog post

Some musings about where I’m at so far with an OU course about making sense of strategy that I started (offiically) on 5th February 2011. Continue reading Making Sense of Strategy (Open University B301)