Digital Transformation in Government

The purpose of government is to serve its citizens, it should do that as efficiently and effectively as possible. The extent to which any specific government serves its people should depend very much on the needs and wishes of those Continue reading Digital Transformation in Government

Verify on Gov.UK – a user experience

I had occassion to become a beta user for the Government Digital Service sponsored Verify service (previously known as IDA – Identity Assurance). I’d come across this before at work, I spent the first six months of 2014 as the Continue reading Verify on Gov.UK – a user experience

Thunderclap campaign #StartatGOVUK

The UK’s Government Digital Service are launching a thunderclap ( to encourage people to start at GOV.UK when accessing UK government information and services (#StartatGOVUK).  Be awesome and beat the scammers! Misleading websites There is a problem with websites pretending to be official UK government Continue reading Thunderclap campaign #StartatGOVUK