Narrative and Social Media

revolutionary warfare in France 1789

I had a bit of a lightbulb moment the other day about social media and the driving of narrative. It was when I was doing my analysis on the recent coup attempt in Turkey. Narrative Power As any reader of Terry Continue reading Narrative and Social Media

Civil Service Live 2016

view from the window at Civil Service Live 2016

Yesterday I attended some sessions at Civil Service Live 2016 in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in central London. The QEIICC is next door to my office, so I didn’t spend the whole day there. Some meetings were arranged Continue reading Civil Service Live 2016

Media Bias? Or something else?

We seem to hear allegations of media bias on a regular basis these days. Anytime an interest group isn’t getting the glowing coverage they feel that they so richly deserve we hear the shout ‘media bias!’ The thing is, I Continue reading Media Bias? Or something else?

Article 50 – How do we Brexit?

After the referendum there’s been a lot of speculation on how we invoke Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon. Article 50 (see below) is the provision for a member state to leave the EU.  Article 50 Here is Article 50 Continue reading Article 50 – How do we Brexit?

Five Steps to Great Requirements

Requirements are the key to getting a good solution, whether in procurement or just choosing between options. Most people get their requirements wrong, largely because they haven’t drawn this connection. Common Mistakes with Requirements This list isn’t exhaustive, I’m sure Continue reading Five Steps to Great Requirements