First Assignment Submitted!

After a couple of sweaty days (mostly from the gout and related medication rather than the assignment it has to be said) I finished off my first (of 6) Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) for the B310 Making Sense of Strategy course I’m doing with the Open University.

Next assignment is due in four weeks, so I’d better get started on it right away. Well perhaps tomorrow. ┬ánext tonight is to get some sleep.

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2 Replies to “First Assignment Submitted!”

  1. Well the marks are back and I got 83/100 overall. 30/40 for Part 1 because I didn’t make enough use of Mintzberg’s 5 Ps and I could have quoted and cited more. 53/60 for Part 2, where again I could have directly quoted and cited more as well as expanded on a couple of points to explain my view better. However a good result overall I think.

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